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Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, March 1, 20185eKomi
It was a wonderful experience dealing with *** @ Fast Track Debt Releif. Very helpful in every way. Thanks again
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Monday, October 22, 20185eKomi
Our experience has been wonderful with ***, he is great so glad we contacted him
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, September 28, 20185eKomi
Felt so relieved after the first conversation with ***. Cant wait to be sent free soon!
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Monday, October 1, 20185eKomi
I was very tentative about reaching out for help with my financial situation. *** from Fast track was VERY understanding and continued to communicate with me every step of the way. She was very rea...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, September 21, 20185eKomi
Professional and extremely helpful. Recommend to anyone who is in financial distress.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, August 8, 20185eKomi
I received an offer in the mail regarding the program. At first, I was a little reluctant but my monthly bill payments were becoming difficult to maintain. After doing some research about the progr...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Monday, October 1, 20185eKomi
The experience was exceptional. The people were very good in the explanation of your services. They even provided information in an email that I printed that explained the process.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Monday, July 30, 20185eKomi
My experience with *** was very good actually excellent they're very quick about everything if I had any problems they took care of it right then and there I can call them up and have anything take...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, February 1, 20185eKomi
The experience with Fast Track has been very easy and *** was very nice and professional, she made sure that I understood everything upfront.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, March 8, 20185eKomi
Fast Track was a pleasure working with. I was really struggling with paying off my debt and they were able to help me lower my payments and pay them off quickly.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, July 20, 20185eKomi
My experience thus has been excellent. *** made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, October 5, 20185eKomi
Awesome experience with this office just wonderful .when I was at my lowest point .They took care of me.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, October 24, 20185eKomi
*** ultimately became my financial advisor and did an excellent job with a stressful situation. He pushed it thru quickly and efficiently.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, August 30, 20185eKomi
EXTREMELY friendly, courteous and helpful. *** was very courteous and helpful. I was skeptical at first, but he let me know everything would work out fine.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, October 10, 20185eKomi
So far I can't say enough about this company especially *** she was awesome
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, April 12, 20185eKomi
I am satisfied with the information provided by the costumer service rep he took out the time to explain to me in details and made sure that I understood the process of consolidating my credit cards.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Tuesday, September 11, 20185eKomi
Very impress with the pace in which my case was handled. Everyone made sure I understood what was happening and what was going to happen.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, August 18, 20185eKomi
Well the people I'm working with is very professional in the business that's helping me.*** and *** explained very clearly about how this program goes. I'm just starting so once I get into things a...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Tuesday, April 3, 20185eKomi
Just like they say debt relief. I can't wait for that feeling because that's the way they make me feel. They make you feel very comfortable and help you understand the system how it's work.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, February 22, 20185eKomi
To whom it may concern, it was a great pleasure working with you and the group. I couldn't have done this without you.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, September 26, 20184eKomi
It has been a very positive experience so far. The people I have spoken and met with have been very friendly. I did not feel pressured in any way and they were very patient and forthcoming concerni...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, January 17, 20185eKomi
This process so far makes me feel so much relief. The staff has been extremely kind and helpful.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Sunday, March 4, 20184eKomi
It was a pleasure to find that there is some one that still help the one that really need it. And take the time to listen and to exlpain thing so that you can understand.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, August 3, 20185eKomi
*** was super helpful, kind, and easy to talk
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, August 2, 20185eKomi
*** has been awesome from the first minute I spoke with her. She is very professional but compassionate about my situation. It was always a pleasure speaking with her.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, August 4, 20185eKomi
Everyone I've been contact with has been very helpful.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Tuesday, August 28, 20185eKomi
*** was great. Knew what she was doing. Very persistant but it worked. First, i said no then an hour later, it was yes.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Monday, October 1, 20185eKomi
So far she has been great ,looking forward to seeing my credit score. *** was very persistent. very convincing. So she won be over.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, April 28, 20185eKomi
Great Service,everything was explained to my understanding.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, November 15, 20185eKomi
*** was very good for us. She walked us through everything and was very competent. We were in very good hands & we appreciate her dedication, sincerity & all the time she spent helping us & explain...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Monday, July 23, 20185eKomi
Excellent services and knowledgeable employees!
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, August 30, 20185eKomi
My experience thus has been good it has allowed me to use a new avenue in repairing my credit along with helping my daughters get back on track very professional staff every document was explained ...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, January 3, 20185eKomi
To date it has been quick, courteous and mind relieving. Thank you so much for working with me to resolve my debts.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, April 5, 20185eKomi
Our experience with this company to this point has been very good. They seem to be very efficient.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, August 31, 20185eKomi
I found that this is probably one of the best experiences I've had dealing with a debt/finance company.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, July 14, 20185eKomi
The beginning proceedings over the phone were very easy. *** talked me through everything. But, he was a little condescending towards me for having to go through this process. But, he was nice afte...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, October 12, 20185eKomi
*** was very patient and not pushy during the process. I finally feel like a load of stress has been lifted off of me.
Steps to Start Living a Debt Free Life

It can be difficult to climb out of a financial pit once you've fallen into one. Entire industries today are built around debt. Credit card companies, for example, wouldn't be able to make any money if not for customers who borrowed too much and got caught under a tidal wave of interest. This certainly makes it harder to become debt free But rest assured, there are steps to take to reduce your debt and live without that burden on your shoulders.

Confront Your Debt

Debt feeds off of fear. If you're afraid of admitting that you have debt, or of confronting it, then you'll only let that debt become larger and larger. You must communicate with credit card companies and any other creditors and lenders. Make sure that they know you haven't disappeared.

Often, these companies run hardship programs geared toward easing the burdens on someone who's fallen into debt. You'll never know if you don't ask about them. Communication is crucial, especially when you've missed a few payments. If companies haven't heard from you, they have no problem moving you on to collections.

It may be difficult, but call, even if all you have to say is that you can't make the payment. At least this way, they'll know you're willing to acknowledge and work on your debt. Representatives will be more likely to extend offers that make repayment easier.

Prioritizing Types of Debt

Not all debt is equal. Start by, organizing your debt by secured and unsecured. If you have secured debt, this means that you've offered collateral against a loan. This is also called asset-backed debt. If you let this debt go without payment, the lender can repossess the asset you offered as collateral. Whether it's against your car or your home, secured debt payments should be met so a key asset in your life isn't at risk.

Unsecured debt refers to loans made without collateral. Most credit cards and student loans fall into this category. These debts also usually have higher interest rates.

Now, you'll often hear that you need to pay the debt with the highest interest rate off first, and this is true. However, you must balance this against making sure any secured debt is also paid off. It makes no sense to pay off a credit card, for example, at the risk of losing your car if you need that vehicle to get to a job.

It can be a struggle to balance debts. If you're making choices that leave one or the other debt unpaid, know that there are options. Credit counseling services can help you find the right balance and can advise you if a debt relief program can give you any advantage in these circumstances.

Don't Take Out More Debt to Pay Off Current Debt

Be wary of payday loans and other short-term loans, which are intended to bridge moments in life when you may be short on finances. Interest rates can be as high as several hundred percent. It's preferable to call a credit card or other company and ask for a late payment to be forgiven. Oftentimes, a late fee on a credit card payment will be excused and any excess you've paid will simply be paid against the balance instead of the fee itself. This is far preferable to taking out any kind of short-term loan.

Make Smart Debt Moves

You can often request a creditor reduce your rate. It won't always work, but sometimes creditors will make concessions.

In addition, some credit cards offer balance transfers at 0-percent. This means you can transfer the balance of one card to another. That 0-percent will last typically for one to two years. If you don't pay it off within that time frame, the interest accrued will come due. If you do pay it off, you've just saved yourself what's likely a high interest rate on your original card for that amount of time.

A debt consolidation loan can help you transfer higher interest rate debt to a lower interest rate debt. This is a method of refinancing and won't be available to all. It also requires discipline. Running up new debt on credit cards you've just paid can simply make your situation worse. Credit counseling services can help you find your own debt management plan that fits your circumstances.

Reduce Debt by Reducing Spending

To reduce your debt, you need to reduce your spending. This helps you save more to pay down that debt. You don't need to change your entire lifestyle necessarily. Sometimes, you just need to develop new habits. Rent a movie for $1.50 at a Redbox instead of paying $24 for two at the theater. Hold a potluck at your home where everyone brings a dish over instead of going out to eat. If you do go out to eat, skip drinks and dessert. This is where restaurants make the most money. A $10 meal can quickly become $20 or more with these add-ons.

Some habits, you may want to cut off cold turkey. A good approach is to find a new expense every few weeks and practice foregoing it until this becomes habit (cutting out the $5 latte and making coffee at home, skipping the food truck and bringing your lunch, etc.). Changing habits one at a time, rather than all at once, is more manageable and sustainable. This gives you a much greater shot at success.

Above all, put your credit cards away. Try paying for things only in cash. The more organized you can become with your expenses, the better. A budget that you list out and keep receipts to maintain is a must.

Remember, credit counseling services can help you reduce your debt in a number of situations. They don't fit every circumstance, but what's nice is that a debt relief program is always tailor-made to fit your specific debt needs.

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Janet A.
"Thank you so much. I never meant this to happen. I felt so bad inside; I always tried to pay my bills. Thank you for all of your help. I do not ever want more credit cards."
Ginger J.
"Thanks so much for your help!! I am so glad this is all over!!"
Melissa H.
"The people of Fast Track are very concerned with the client. They are life changing in our case. Thank you."
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"Thanks to all your staff; for the many girls and boys I've alked to. They were always so helpful to answer all of my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend this company to help others in need. Thanks again!"
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