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Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, July 28, 20175eKomi
Very helpful and professional. I was treated like family
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, December 1, 20175eKomi
Thus far, the service and assistance have been fabulous. Everything is explained very clearly, and, if there are still questions, they are more than willing to explain until you have a full underst...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, October 4, 20175eKomi
This company made sure I was not only aware of what I needed to be but also made sure I was comfortable with my decision.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, April 12, 20185eKomi
I am satisfied with the information provided by the costumer service rep he took out the time to explain to me in details and made sure that I understood the process of consolidating my credit cards.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Tuesday, April 3, 20185eKomi
Just like they say debt relief. I can't wait for that feeling because that's the way they make me feel. They make you feel very comfortable and help you understand the system how it's work.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, May 3, 20175eKomi
My experience with this company has been nothing short of fantastic. I would like to point out especially the excellent customer serve by ***. She was always available, cheerful and worked hard t...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, November 4, 20175eKomi
***was awesome he addressed my concerns and was able to put me into a payment I feel comfortable about making.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, August 25, 20175eKomi
My experience has been excellent. Everyone that I came in contact with has been very good.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, March 8, 20185eKomi
Fast Track was a pleasure working with. I was really struggling with paying off my debt and they were able to help me lower my payments and pay them off quickly.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, November 17, 20175eKomi
My experience with Fast Track has been wonderful due to the concern Ms. *** has. She was so helpful in getting me to understand the plan.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, September 14, 20175eKomi
So far everything has been great! Brad is great to work with and so is the attorney. Prayers that everything goes right with our creditors so we can be debt free before too long!
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, August 9, 20175eKomi
I had a very courteous, polite and extremely well knowledgeable about the information I received. All my questions were answered.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, April 5, 20185eKomi
Our experience with this company to this point has been very good. They seem to be very efficient.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, February 22, 20185eKomi
To whom it may concern, it was a great pleasure working with you and the group. I couldn't have done this without you.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, August 19, 20175eKomi
Great experience. Very professional.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, October 13, 20175eKomi
*** has help me and explain their business and I am satisfy and very please. I have heard from my attorney very please with him.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, July 22, 20175eKomi
I like that they take time to Answer all my questions and don't feel rushed when I talked to them.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, February 1, 20185eKomi
The experience with Fast Track has been very easy and *** was very nice and professional, she made sure that I understood everything upfront.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, October 12, 20175eKomi
Very professional and kind. It was hard to go this route because I've been in this situation about 8 years ago. You people are very kind and understanding.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Tuesday, July 11, 20175eKomi
My experience has been both beneficial and it has relieved all of my stressors in regard to my dealings with my creditors. Everyone has been really helpful.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, May 3, 20175eKomi
I had been so over whelmed with being in debt and truly saw no way out. And with the help of *** and *** I am officially DEBT FREE. I cant begin to tell you how good this feels. And for some time...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, June 10, 20175eKomi
What can I say!! Fast Track Debt Relief was a Blessing in Disguise and Life Saver for me and my family. With over $60,000+ in debt, we turned to Fast Track Debt Relief for assistance. They set up...
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Saturday, April 28, 20185eKomi
Great Service,everything was explained to my understanding.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Monday, September 18, 20175eKomi
Andrea Scott has been more than just helpful. She has explained everything completely. She has answered all of my questions. Great service.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, January 17, 20185eKomi
This process so far makes me feel so much relief. The staff has been extremely kind and helpful.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, September 14, 20175eKomi
I think Nelson Casas explained everything to me and made my decision very easy. Thank you ***
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Thursday, March 1, 20185eKomi
It was a wonderful experience dealing with *** @ Fast Track Debt Releif. Very helpful in every way. Thanks again
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Sunday, March 4, 20184eKomi
It was a pleasure to find that there is some one that still help the one that really need it. And take the time to listen and to exlpain thing so that you can understand.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Wednesday, January 3, 20185eKomi
To date it has been quick, courteous and mind relieving. Thank you so much for working with me to resolve my debts.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, October 6, 20175eKomi
Every one that I had contact with were knowledgeable and experienced. Their willingness to make sure that I fully understood every part of what I needed to know to participate in the program.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Friday, December 8, 20175eKomi
My experience with Fast Track thus far has been superb. I felt very comfortable going through the process.
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
Sunday, June 25, 20175eKomi
Something unbelievable but true this program really helped me a lot so far
JUL 04, 2017, TUESDAY
Debt-Consolidation-Program--Fast-Track A Closer Look at the Debt

Getting out of debt is possible. But of the many avenues out there, which is best for you and your financial situation? From credit counseling to entering into an arrangement with a debt relief company, learning about the different options you have is crucial.


First and foremost: it's key that you don't avoid confronting your debt. The longer you ignore it, the worse it gets. Late charges pile up, and interest rates soar. You soon find your original amount owed has skyrocketed -- while your ability to pay has stagnated or declined. Remember, debt is a foe that you can beat. Confront it head-on.


Hardship Programs & Collection Agencies


Many people don't realize that credit card companies have hardship programs designed for people who hit on hard times. It freezes or closes the card, but it also allows you to pay your balance down without accruing more penalties on it. Does your credit card company have such a program, and do you qualify? You will not know until you ask.


But what if your situation has gone beyond the credit card company, and it’s in the hands of a collection agency? Basically, they operate this way: they want the whole amount because they make the biggest profit. But something is always more than nothing. They will often accept a reduced payment. It’s helpful to keep in mind that collection agencies buy debt for pennies on the dollar, so make your case and negotiate a new amount.


Need Help?


Now, if your debt has spiraled out of control, you may not be able to handle it on your own anymore. You may need expert support and guidance or someone to handle intimidating creditors on your behalf. This is why you should seek out two organizations.


The first is credit counseling. These organizations can help you create a budget and come up with a plan for managing your debts. The second is a debt relief company. These agencies can help you with programs that range from debt consolidation to debt settlement.


Let's dive into one of these aspects in more depth: the debt consolidation program:


What is Debt Consolidation?


A debt consolidation program involves taking a loan out to pay a group of debts. Your loan may roll up all of your debts or it may simply help take care of a single debt. Either way, it is a potential step that many people overlook as their financial situation worsens. Debt consolidation can stop a debt problem from becoming more difficult to handle.


Your debts come with their own terms. If you've had trouble making minimum monthly payments every month, then those terms may have gotten out of hand. When you take a debt consolidation loan out, you're agreeing to new terms. If these terms are more favorable – the monthly minimum is more reasonable and/or the interest rate is lower – then it makes sense to consolidate your debt and simply pay the loan.


You apply that money to your existing debts and then work on repaying the consolidation loan over time – the monthly installment and all terms are set ahead of time, so you know exactly what to expect.


Why Do People Skip These Solutions?


When we think of debt, we tend to think of two moments. We remember that moment when we first feel like things are getting out of control. We fear reliving that moment again and again, that moment compounding and becoming worse.


We also think of people declaring bankruptcy. How do they recover? How long does it take them to repair their credit? What are the things in life that bankruptcy limits you from taking part in?


Notice anything? These two thoughts are very far apart. They skip a number of steps in between, a number of potential solutions. After we fall into debt, the only solution we're conditioned to think of is bankruptcy. That may be a good solution for some people, but if that's all we know about falling into debt, then no wonder people feel like they should give up. They feel doomed simply because they don't know about other potential solutions.


What are the Advantages of a Debt Consolidation Program?


Debt consolidation allows you to take multiple debts and group them into one loan. Your creditors are paid off, so now you just make one monthly payment to one source – the loan you took to pay them off.


This is especially advantageous if you've missed payments or struggled recently. Sometimes, you can get into a situation with a credit card where you're paying $2 for every $1 of interest that's added. You make a $100 payment one month, the next month $50 in interest charges are applied. This two steps forward, one step back approach to paying off a debt eventually means you've paid much more than you originally owed. Debt consolidation can help you come up with more reasonable terms.


Another advantage is what happens when you can't make all the minimum monthly payments your creditors are asking for. You have to start cutting into your budget – do you sacrifice power, water, your grocery budget? And Heaven forbid if you suffer a medical emergency, your car breaks, or you need to conduct home repair.


In this case, you can figure out a loan where the monthly payment is lesser than the amount you're paying to your creditors now. If you're paying $1,000 a month in minimum monthly payments and you can cut that to $800 a month, imagine what that extra $200 a month can help you with. You'll still have to pay the full amount of the loan over time, but if you can stretch it out to keep your head above water. It's the difference between living your life in panic and actually getting to breathe now and then.<

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"Fast Track's Debt Relief financial specialists can give business owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the effort has been made to have business debt problems finally settled with Fast Track's help."
Rebecca G.
"The staff was great. They treated me with the upmost respect and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Thank you!"
Janet A.
"Thank you so much. I never meant this to happen. I felt so bad inside; I always tried to pay my bills. Thank you for all of your help. I do not ever want more credit cards."
Ginger J.
"Thanks so much for your help!! I am so glad this is all over!!"
Melissa H.
"The people of Fast Track are very concerned with the client. They are life changing in our case. Thank you."
Joe L.
"Thanks to all your staff; for the many girls and boys I've alked to. They were always so helpful to answer all of my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend this company to help others in need. Thanks again!"
Tanis P.
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