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About Fast Track Debt Relief
Founded in 1998, Fast Track Debt Relief helps people get out of debt. It’s that simple. While we’re headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we help people across the United States get out of debt. Wondering exactly how it works?

The process itself is pretty straightforward. Consolidation of credit card debt is an effective credit card debt relief solution. By using debt consolidation, you no longer have to worry about potentially missing some credit card payments, being late on others, or worrying about how to pay off one or several of them. By consolidating your credit card bills into one lower monthly bill. This helps with credit repair, as you no longer have the aforementioned offenses against you on your credit report – allowing you to pay and worry less about what you owe!
About Fast Track Debt Consolidation
A debt consolidation is a solution that works for many. Also referred to as credit consolidation or bill consolidation, debt consolidation helps to combine your credit cards and unsecured debt, so you have only a single monthly payment to worry about. What’s more, the best debt consolidation program also can reduce your overall debt to help save you money over the long term.
How Do I Consolidate My Debt?
Quite simply, contact Fast Track Debt Relief for help obtaining a debt consolidation. But if you’re asking yourself, “How do I consolidate debt?”, before diving in you may want to explore the why behind the consolidation of debt-not why you got here, because many people struggle with credit card problems and need to get out debt, even if you have poor credit score.

Following are five benefits you can experience when you apply for a debt consolidation program with Fast Track Debt Relief.
The 5 Benefits of Debt Consolidation
  • Fast Track can help you to pay off debt fast with a one monthly low payment. A lower payment means you reduce debt by working with creditors to settle your debt.
  • Our consolidation program, streamlines your payments into one lower monthly bill, making it more convenient and efficient for you to pay one single bill.
  • Rather than getting an unsecured personal loan to pay off credit card debt alone, you get a debt consolidation program to consolidate credit card debt along with multiple other debts.
  • Credit card bill consolidation can lower your overall monthly expenses, freeing up cash flow for you to squirrel away as savings to help you achieve one main financial goal (like buying a car or home).
  • You'll stress less while you pay off debt and get financial freedom, as you’ll have a plan to get out of debt in place and there will be fewer bills to juggle.
Whether you call it the consolidation of loans or the consolidation of debt, one thing is clear – personal debt consolidation should be considered carefully. In fact, before you apply for a debt consolidation program, you should evaluate the debt consolidation companies themselves. Here's how.
6 Questions to Ask Debt Consolidation Companies
Not all debt consolidation programs are created equally.
During your selection process, you may look for debt relief companies with BBB ratings and good reviews. (We invite you to check out the testimonials on our Fast Track Debt Relief review page.) In addition, be sure to ask the following questions when choosing amongst debt consolidation companies.
  • How do I get out of debt using your debt consolidation program?
  • What is your consolidation process to reduce my debt?
  • How fast will your debt consolidation program for people with bad credit help me settle my debt?
  • Can I still apply for your debt consolidation program with poor credit?
  • Why do you feel it's best for me to consolidate my debt?
  • What other options do you offer for me to get debt relief?
That last question is key, as a debt consolidation program is not for everybody. There are other methods for personal debt relief.
Other Debt Relief Options
Not everyone travels the same path to financial freedom. Here are some alternative debt relief options.
  • Consumer credit counseling service - Counselors help you review your income, expenses, and assets, and then provide information about the different debt relief options available to you based on your current financial situation.
  • File bankruptcy - Before you file chapter 7 or file chapter 13 bankruptcy, explore all other debt relief options. The answer to when to file bankruptcy after you explored all other options. Bankruptcy should be an absolute last resort.
  • Debt settlement - Is the fastest and least expensive way to get out of debt without filing bankruptcy. To settle credit card debt, debt settlement companies work with your creditors to reduce your debt to a fraction of what you owe. You may pay half to a fifth of the debt, or anywhere in between. It all depends on your situation. Creditors are often willing to agree to a partial payment, because it means they see a significant portion of what's owed now rather than stretching payments out or risking recouping nothing.
Fast Track Debt Relief offers a range of services to help people get out of debt. With the right non-bankruptcy options, we can help you find the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and be on the path to getting out of debt in no time. Contact our debt relief specialists to get started today!
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