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MAR 01, 2015, SUNDAY
Apps and Tools to Help With Your Finances

Hoping to start your journey toward debt free living this year? You’re not alone. Many people look for financial help both at the start of the year and throughout it, but sometimes that help is more frustrating than it is useful. After all, when help with finances means meetings you don’t have time for or shelling out big bucks to attend seminars, it simply may not fit with your lifestyle. Enter a host of Finance app options and online tools for your smartphone or home computer. Finance apps are a great way to get on track this year; they are the best way to get help for very little money. Take a look at a few popular options.

Finance Apps for Debt Free Living

  • This is primarily a debt management tool. You can plug in your loan, current balance, minimum payment, and the interest rate, and then get advice on how to tackle your debts. You can choose from the popular avalanche method, or the snowball method. When you input payments, you can see the loans shift over time.
  • Credit Sesame and Credit Karma: Monitoring your credit is essential these days, and both of these allow you to see your score and monitor it for free, which may help to protect you from identity theft.
  • YNAB: Short for You Need a Budget, you can get budgeting software, free tutorials, and online classes here. The goal is to help those who are using it start saving more.
  • LastPass: Data breaches abound these days, and this one tool will help you create a unique password for all of your online accounts AND store them so you never have to worry about getting hacked or remembering all of your passwords for financial accounts.
  • RedLaser: Price matching is a good way to save some cash, and this app allows you to scan the barcode in the store, and then check the item’s price against that of other retailers.
  • Mint: This is the ultimate when it comes to financial apps, as it allows you to track your spending while connecting your banks and credit cards. The goal here is to make both budgeting and investing as simple as possible. You also get a free credit score and free bill pay.
  • RetailMeNot: If you’re shopping on or offline, you need this resource. It offers coupon codes and discounts to thousands of stores. They’re even rated and ranked so you know which ones work.
  • Personal Capital: If investments are your key concern, this is the app for you. It connects investment accounts, then displays your fees and assesses your portfolio for risk. You can even connect with an advisor for an additional fee.
  • Plastc, Wocket, and Coin: Using rewards cards can make it tough to decide on the rewards you’re going to get and use them in time. All of these apps help you maximize those rewards.

Start this year off on the right foot with these helpful apps and online tools!

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