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If you are overwhelmed with debt and are looking for relief, we want to help you. Fast Track Debt Relief is committed to helping consumers take control of their debt and settle it as quickly as possible. Our debt relief program is custom tailored to fit your personal needs in order to relieve your financial stress and put you on a path towards financial freedom.

When you enroll in the Fast Track Debt Relief program, you have dedicated professionals working on your behalf. These professionals are comprised of the nation's leading debt specialists, skilled debt negotiators, and a dedicated team of customer care professionals. Rest assured that you are in excellent hands with a highly experienced team that works for you; not your creditors!
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© All Content Copyright 2014 | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use Policy | Contact Us INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY BASED ON ABILITY TO SAVE FUNDS AND COMPLETION OF ALL PROGRAM TERMS. PROGRAM DOES NOT ASSUME OR PAY ANY DEBTS, NOR PROVIDE TAX OR LEGAL ADVICE. CONSULT WITH YOUR PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS AS NECESSARY. PROGRAM NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL STATES, PLEASE REQUEST, READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL PROGRAM TERMS PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT. Important notice: Results are individual settlements for consumers who enrolled and completed program. Results are not shown for consumers who did not complete program in full. Many consumers receive differing settlements and some receive none because they terminate or drop-out of program. The information on this page is for illustration purposes only based on enrolled debt amounts ranging from $10,000 - $100,000, for enrollments between 1-3 years ago, and for top 5 largest creditors. Please do not rely on information as an promise or guarantee of results. Information presented is solely to illustrate that company does indeed get results if consumer meets all qualification factors. See contract for complete terms.